Clemens Rettich - Principal Advisor and Trainer

Clemens Rettich Principal Business Advisor Great Performances GroupClemens Rettich increases productivity and profitability by aligning lean process design with engaged human behaviour. 

Clemens works with any type of organization, but is most at home in

  • Stage Three startups
  • building and service trades
  • manufacturing
  • retail businesses

He specializes in helping these organizations design the processes to move them from 'doing great' to 'doing great sustainably'.

Total Productivity Management

As the lead consultant and trainer, Clemens works most intensely in three areas:

  • Productivity Management
  • Positive Feedback Management
  • Adult / Industrial Trainer

Productivity management is a mix of lean methodologies and positive feedback management. 

Total Productivity Management is a particularly powerful tool in moving a business from Traction (Stage 1 and Stage 2) businesses to Growth (Stage 3) businesses. The rainmaker driven, founder managed, adrenaline-driven energies of the first couple of stages now have to be supported by growth and profit-sustaining management of time, information, cash, and people. 

When Clemens works with an organization, he starts by conducting an audit of the organizations over-all productivity, as measured in informal stream maps, cash flow and profitability reviews, and assessments of the organizations management and employee culture. 

The audit looks for strengths and bottlenecks. 

Clemens then works with the management team to improve productivity to support sustainable growth. The work includes:

  • identifying operational bottlenecks for productivity and eliminating them;
  • developing a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to monitor progress, support feedback to team members, and find further opportunities for improvement;
  • coach management in using positive feedback techniques to improve the productivity of individual team members;
  • provide or refer specific training required to increase the effectiveness and responsiveness of the work and of decision-making.

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Positive Feedback Management

Coaching and training in the use of Positive Feedback Management, is Clemens' core competency. 

Positive Feedback Management is the process, best described by Aubrey C. Daniels, of:

  • identifying the growth needs of the organization (this is all about reflection and measurement);
  • pinpointing the behaviours that support that growth;
  • identifying the feedback employees requires to best reward those behaviours;
  • providing that feedback early, often, and systematically, in a way that results in discretionary effort (AKA 'giving 101%') being used by every team member

Positive Feedback is the human layer of the three-layer approach (information, material, behaviour) used by Clemens, in mapping and improving the productivity of growing organizations.

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Adult and Industrial Training

An experienced educator and trainer with 25 years of experience teaching, administering, and developing curriculum, Clemens can help any organization improve the effectiveness of their training.

Workplace training is adult education implemented in 'the real world'. Clemens understands the psychology of learners, the unique needs of adult learners, and the resource equation (time, money, and talent) facing every employer. 

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Further Background

Clemens is a prolific writer, with a book, a magazine column (on growth), and an extensive business management blog. He has appeared in Canadian business journals and speaks frequently on business growth and development at industry and economic development events.

Clemens also has international sales experience, having spent several years in sales in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Clemens has worked with organizations as a speaker, facilitator and board member.  He was the moderator at the BC Economic Summit for several years, the facilitator for the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation, trainer for the RBC Commercial Lending unit, the Northwest Growth Conference, contract teaching at the University of Victoria’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. Clemens is also proud of his work with a number of First Nations communities in British Columbia, helping band office employees improve productivity.

Clemens holds an MBA from Royal Roads University in Executive Management. He also completed the PDP (teacher training) program at Simon Fraser University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia.

At home Clemens loves reading about, mixing, and sharing craft cocktails. A passionate amateur mixologist, Clemens often says he loves the world of cocktails, music, and business almost equally!