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With Business Foundations Training you learn the critical tools you need to build a thriving, sustainable, profitable business. 

The topics we cover in the Business Foundations Training Program draw on years of experience growing small businesses from one person to million-dollar enterprises. They are the topics that make the most difference; the topics that if done right almost guarantee your success, and if mishandled or ignored almost guarantee failure.  

What You Get

The tools to build a business that thrives:: marketing, human resources, management, finances, and operations, and much more!

  • 25 classes + 25 enrichment 'handout's - your coach works with you through every single step!
  • The 225 page ebook Great Performances – The Small Business Script for the 21st Century
  • A comprehensive training manual
  • Podcasts, videos, templates… Business Tools!
  • 1 year of support after completing the program from the best business coaches in the industry

The MOST cost-effective method there is to grow a thriving, sustainable small business!

First class free, then $25 weekly until you have completed the course
Upon registration we send you the introductory chapter of the book and set up your workspace with your first foundation class. You are charged nothing. 
When you complete the first class (your coach will work with you right from the start) you will be given the option to continue. If you choose to continue we will set you up for $25 weekly payment plan.
Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work transforming your business knowledge!
You can complete or stop at any time; there is never an obligation to continue.

Complete Content
[Bonus! Every class also has a sales tips section! Improve your sales!]

Unit One – Values
Class #1: Getting to Why [FREE!]
Class #2: Value Alignment

Unit Two – Marketing
Class #3: Designing Customer Experience
Class #4: Connecting With Your Tribe
Class #5: Make the Marketing Mix Real
Class #6: Becoming a Truly Social Business
Class #7: Maximizing your Customer Relationship “Surface Area”

Unit Three – Management and Team Development
Class #8: Culture is a System
Class #9: The Ultimate Org Chart
Class #10: The Team Development Cycle
Class #11: Your Strategic Team
Class #12: Feedback Management

Unit Four – Operations
Class #13: The Three Resources [People/Time/Money]
Class #14: The Magic Bullets: Creativity and Altruism
Class #15: The Value of the Owner [How to delegate to grow]
Class #16: Building Your Enterprise Team [delegate to grow pt 2]

Class #17: Want Your Business To Grow? Make a List [administration – time management]
Class #18: Time Management for Business Owners [administration – time management]

Class #19: Small Business Foundations – Finances Part 1
Class #20: Small Business Foundations – Finances Part 2
Script #21: Other People’s Money

Unit Five – Expansions and Exits
Class #22: Leaping Shadows – The Ultimate Business
Class #23: The Enterprise Cycle – Part 1
Class #24: The Enterprise Cycle – Part 2
Class #25: The Enterprise Cycle – Part 3 

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