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Download 'Getting Buy In: A roadmap for getting buy-in to the big changes in your organization.'

You know deep in your bones that without change, there will never be growth. How do you get your employees to believe it too?

Most businesses don’t. And THAT’S a mistake that promotes resistance and can stop any change dead in its tracks. 

If you have the right talent on your team, they will agree to change once you explain its necessity and assure them they aren't going anywhere because of it.

This 11-page roadmap covers:

  • What Before Why – tell your team what's on the table and how it will impact them first.
  • Get Personal – explain to people personally how this change will effect them in a positive way.
  • Who's In Control Here – have your plans for change solid, before you pitch it to you employees.
  • What's The Pay Off – make everyone excited about the benefits change will bring.
  • Connect The Engine – once you are under way, let everyone know they're doing a good job through positive feedback management.
  • Pay Up Front – take time to put the pieces in place for change sooner rather than later. This is just another one of those times where you are going to pay now, or you are going to pay later, but you are going to pay. Meaningful change never comes free. When it comes to change management, if you don't pay now, you are going to pay a LOT more later!

The ultimate goal of Getting Buy In is to get your employees on board with change to facilitate growth.

Just The Start

This is a roadmap, not the journey. Contact us if you are ready for a Great Performance in your business, or if you want to explore successful options for bringing significant change to your business.

If you want support growing your business using this roadmap, drop us a line at info@greatperformancesgroup.com