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Is there a toolkit for growing your business? 

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Yes. There is.

It Works Like This.

The answers are in this 20-page playbook. This is an introduction to:

  • the predictable stages of growth in every business, and how to turn it into a rock-solid foundation for the next stage
  • the opportunities and challenges unique to each stage of growth
  • tips for each stage, drawn from our years of experience doing one thing: growing businesses!

How Does Structured Growth Work? 

Download this 20-page playbook if you have ever asked yourself "What's next?" or "What else can I do to grow my business?"

What does a consultant or advisor do? Learn how working with a business advisor helps you:

  • grow your business
  • grow your management team
  • grow your own leadership skills. 

What's Covered?

We walk you through the three cycles a business goes through in its growth.

  1. The Traction Cycle: a new business trying to get traction in the market. It is all about sales, sales, sales. This is also the time to build your business knowledge foundations.
  2. Growth Cycle: a mid-journey business with strong sales, growing market share, and a growing workforce. The owner is developing systems and managing for talent. 
  3. Enterprise Cycle: a mature business with significant market share and usually a fully-developed management layer. The focus of the owner is on succession or scaling. 
  4. The Steps To Growth: how to use the Great Performances Growth Sequencing tools to grow your business in concrete steps. We believe if you can't celebrate it, it's not worth doing. Here's how to win every time.

    Just The Start
    This is a toolbox. It's not the building. If you want support in growing your business using this blueprint, drop us a line at info@greatperformancesgroup.com