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Download 'The Recruiting Cycle: The roadmap to building a high-value, high retention organization.'

Do you put as much into marketing for talent, as you do marketing for customers?

Most businesses don’t. And THAT’S a mistake.

If you have the right talent on your team, to tell the stories, close your deals, and deliver what you promise, your customers will come, and they will stay.

This 18-page roadmap covers:

  • Culture – are you clear on who you are and how you will communicate that to the right candidates?
  • The Checkbox– what are the steps to consider when mounting an effective recruiting campaign?
  • Retention – are you spending as much in resources engaging your employees as getting them? If not, your ROI on your recruiting efforts will be poor to disastrous.
  • The Interview – this is your best opportunity to ensure you are recruiting effectively; but it is also the trickiest. These tips improve your chances significantly.
  • Positive Feedback Management – the secret weapon any successful employer uses: using reinforcement to manage behaviour for results.

The ultimate goal of the Recruiting Cycle approach is not just to hire effectively, it is to improve retention.  That's why it's a cycle, and not just one-dimensional "hiring".

Just The Start

This is a roadmap, not the journey. Contact us if you are ready for a Great Performance in your business, or if you want to explore successful recruiting further.

If you want support growing your business using this roadmap, drop us a line at info@greatperformancesgroup.com