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great cash flow is required to bootstrap the growth of a business

Download 'The Cash Flow Cycle - The Most Important Part of Your Business's Finances'

This 20-page toolkit covers the six steps in a Cash Flow Cycle designed for growth:

  1. Pricing: if your pricing isn’t high enough to generate enough gross and net profit, growth is choked.
  2. Labour and Inventory: knowing exactly when to buy and how much to spend, and how quickly to move on, is critical in the success of your cash flow cycle.
  3. Fixed (Operating) Costs: this is the immovable rock in the river. Employees, marketing expenses, utility bills, none of these things care if you have a bad month, or want to hear you’ll pay them next month.
  4. Accounts Receivable: a number that represents the cash you should be receiving for your efforts, but are not the cash itself.
  5. Accounts Payable: a number that represents the cash you should be paying your suppliers, but is not the actual payment.
  6. Collection: the part you think would be automatic: you have earned the money, you should get the money. It doesn’t always work out that way, and it isn’t always the customer’s fault.

This eBook is walks you through the steps to build a cash flow cycle that supports growth through bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is a challenging way to grow a business at the best of times, but if your cash flow is not optimal, it is impossible.

Just The Start

This is a toolkit, not the house. Contact us if you are ready to make this happen or if you want to review the financial management of your business.

If you want support growing your business using this roadmap, drop us a line at info@greatperformancesgroup.com