John Boudreau - Partner Adviser

John Boudreau Partner Business Advisor Great Performances GroupA senior Partner Adviser with the Great Performances Group, John Boudreau has a lifetime of experience in sales, and sales team management. More recently he has played a role in developing the tech and startup communities on Vancouver Island.

John is an experienced business coach and adviser with an extensive toolkit in:

  • Sales and Sales Management training
  • Innovative Business Development
  • Transitioning startups into management teams
  • Restructuring for efficiencies and profitability
  • Team building, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Territory Growth Management
  • Strategic Market Positioning

John helps entrepreneurs and business owners achieve clarity for growth, relief from frustration and forward traction to grow their businesses.

Startup Support

In his years as a Business Coach contracted with Mid-Island Science, Technology & Innovation Council (MISTIC), John coached micro sized (under 5 employees) Innovative Entrepreneurs through their startup and growth stages. Areas that he focused on were Vision, Success Strategies, Employee Empowerment, Effective Company Structure, Measure and Management systems, Sales and Distribution programs.

Micro & Small Business Support

John then took his learning and expertise and created an Unstuck Program to take small businesses to the next level of sustainable growth. Components of this business program, included Vision Statements, Client Profiling, Value Propositions, SWOT Analysis, Customer Relationships, multiple Revenue Streams and more key strategic functions. Direct one-on-one coaching ensured that each module was customized and completed to the client’s requirements. Through post-program follow-up support, John also ensured that clients understood how to implement their deliverables, so that they achieved positive outcomes for sustainable growth.

Expertise and Focus

The Great Performances Group divides the different stages of growth into 3 Cycles: TractionGrowth, and Enterprise. John enjoys helping companies grow in all 3 stages, but mostly focuses on the Growth and Enterprise Cycles.

Traction Cycle

“We know what keeps you up at night as a new business owner. Getting traction feels like it takes everything you have but the wheels still keep slipping. It is a constant effort to keep sales growing while also trying to build the foundations of a sustainable business.”

Traction Cycle Priorities

  • Vision, Mission, Alignment
  • Sales
  • Elevator speech and presentation
  • Unique Market positioning
  • Strategic planning
  • Growing a network
  • Growing business knowledge

Growth Cycle

The Growth Cycle challenge: we go from having not enough work to having too much. This is a fun phase because we don’t stay up at night worrying about sales. But in the night the thought that this is not sustainable, creeps in. Inconsistency and overwhelm are now the biggest challenges.

Growth Cycle Priorities

  • Recruiting & management
  • Business modeling
  • Customer relations
  • Team building
  • Marketing to grow market share
  • Sales and distribution
  • Developing systems for scaling
  • Strategic alignment for profit
  • Supplier relationships

Enterprise Cycle

“An Enterprise Cycle business owner doesn’t so much have problems as complex choices. You have significant market share and consistent momentum. Your success is rooted in the success of your management team and the quality of your own high-level decision-making.”

Enterprise Cycle Priorities

  • Management capacity
  • Effective leadership
  • Sale or Scale