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A Blueprint for Transformation 

We have built a reputation with thousands of small businesses, for tough, functional, realistic tools and assessments. 


Taken to heart and applied right, our tools will transform your business. 

Use our tools; use them with heart and support, you are going to increase your chances for success.

Proven Tools

The tools described in this blueprint are the result of a decade of work with small business owners across North America: retailers, restaurants, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical, manufacturing, and health businesses. 

This blueprint describes where you can make the biggest changes with the least effort. This is the low-hanging fruit in growing small businesses

Will This Blueprint Transform Your Business By Itself? Of course not. There are con artists in the coaching and consulting world who make that promise. That's not us. 

Just The Start

This is a blueprint. It's not the building. If you want support in growing a business using this blueprint, drop us a line at info@greatperformancesgroup.com